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Mapping Where NYC Traffic Causes The Most Injuries, Fatalities

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Just in time to justify the NYPD's ramped-up efforts to ticket speeding cars and jaywalkers, I Quant NY has released a series of maps visualizing cyclist injuries and traffic-related fatalities across the city in 2013 according to NYPD data. The maps, which Gothamist brought to our attention and Streetsblog helped dissect, are pretty alarming. A lot of awareness has been drawn to these rampant occurrences citywide this year alone because of Bill de Blasio's VisionZero initiative, which aims to eliminate traffic-related fatalities (and, it goes, without saying, reduce injuries to cyclists, pedestrians, and other drivers) by 2024. So, you can sorta see why that's necessary. While these maps visualize 2013's incidents, you can track the bad stuff going on this year with this ticker.

The statistician behind I Quant NY points out that 23 percent of traffic deaths occurred in just five percent of NYC neighborhoods in 2013, but its also true that 60 percent of traffic deaths occurred in neighborhoods with at most two fatalities. While these maps don't account for ridership density throughout different neighborhoods, the numbers are still cause for alarm.
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