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Big Reveal: $1.35 Million For a Greenwich Village Co-op

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The guesses trended high for this week's Pricespotter, a 1BR/2BA sorta-duplex in a Greenwich Village co-op building with two fireplaces and sleeping alcoves on the upper level. The actual asking price of the apartment turns out be $1.35 million, and one anonymous commenter nailed it exactly (while lamenting the fact that it was a co-op). Others debated the usefulness the sleeping alcoves. "The alcoves are kind of nice if you have lots of guests but don't want to pay a huge premium for a 2-3 bedroom just for the privilege. However, I'd be interested to know the ceiling height," wrote one anonymous commenter, while another suggested, "Alternatively, the upstairs might be used as an attic -- as storage space, an extended pantry, a home office, a place for the luggage, vacuum cleaner, Christmas tree lights, keepsakes, out-of-season clothes and footwear, seven years' worth of tax documents and financial records, collections, infrequently-used kitchenware, etc."

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19 West 9th Street

19 West 9th Street, New York, NY 10003