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$6.5M Co-op Looks Like Something Out of Downton Abbey

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While the shiniest, glassiest megatowers that money can build are going up on West 57th Street, East 57th Street is still a place for old-world charm, if this 2BR/3BA penthouse in 345 East 57th Street has anything to say about. The full-floor apartment features coffered ceilings, two wood-burning fireplaces, a solarium, a wrap-around terrace with four exposures, and stained glass windows. Normally this wouldn't be much a concern, but in a place that looks like this one does, it's almost surprising that there are no servants quarters. (Guess they'll have to shack up in the solarium.) The apartment hit the market yesterday asking $6.5 million.

· Listing: 345 East 57th Street #PHAB [Stribling]