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You Can Now Rent NYC Apartments By the Hour (Not For Sex)

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Gothamist spotted this new service called Breather, which allows users to rent a "space" for $25/hour. There are currently three locations—Soho, Flatiron, and near Penn Station—but more are planned. So, that's the what, but what of the why? Here's Breather's official "Why use Breather?" section:

Breather is for your time between meetings. It's a space that's just for you. We're there if you need to impress a prospect, show a client a presentation, or just have some productive work time on your own

In essence, Breather is for people who want to work or relax in private. We're more comfortable than a hotel lobby or coffee shop, and you can take a nap there too. Whether you need a few minutes for a phone call or an afternoon for a time-out, Breather gives you the peace and quiet you need. It seems like Breather can be used for anything, from meetings, to sex, to napping, to sex with prostitutes, to yoga (each space comes with a yoga mat), to yoga-sex, to just simple relaxation (sex). The company's NYC manager told Gothamist that, "we know [sex] just doesn't happen," although you have to wonder how exactly they would know that.
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