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Proposed $130M River House Mansion Pulled Off Market

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The River House has abandoned its dreams of being home to New York City's biggest, most expensive home. The supremely wealthy co-op announced plans to turn its 62,000-square-foot private club into a sprawling mansion in the sky, but now the Real Deal reports that the space will remain as a private club. Bor-ing. The co-op board signed a letter of agreement with the current operator of the space, River Club of New York, to let the group purchase the five-story amenity space at 435 East 52nd Street. The club has occupied the space since 1931, and it was first marketed as a possible palatial penthouse in September, when it was listed for $130 million. The board even released pretty renderings and floorplans, but it was all just a big tease. Enjoy your stupid club. The rest of us will just be sad about losing something that never even existed in the first place.

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