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New Renderings Reveal What Liberty Park Will Look Like

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There has already been a lot of talk about what the Joseph E. Brown-designed Liberty Park, which will sit in front of Santiago Calatrava's rebuilt Church of St. Nicholas and overlook the September 11 memorial, will contain—trees, shrubs, large staircases down to the street, benches, amphitheater, a "living wall," etc. Now, some renderings that the Port Authority presented to Community Board 1 recently have been photographed by the Tribeca Trib, revealing what the park will actually look like. One view, from inside the park, shows planters, trees, benches, and light poles, all being enjoyed by some business-type scalies, and another perspective from Liberty Street shows one of the staircases and the 300-foot living wall, made up of various types of vines and ivy, with the church looming in the background.

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