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See Nine Famous Manhattan Film Locations, Then And Now

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[Incredible Hulk (Season 1), 1977 and today, at 45th Street and Seventh Avenue.]

The list of movies and TV shows shot in New York City is basically endless—and, as we know well from Scouting NY, it's continuously growing. Many are classics, in which the city itself plays as much of a role as any title character or actor. Ever wonder whether the backdrops to some of these city-set classics are still the same? Well, there's an app for that. Scenepast, a repository of more than 600 film and TV locations nationwide, presents a still from the small or silver screen alongside an image of what the location looks like today. Thanks to their research, take a look at eight other New York-based scenes to see what has (or hasn't) changed.

[Broadway Danny Rose, 1983 and today, at 842 Seventh Avenue.]

[Hannah and Her Sisters, 1985 and today, at 43 Greene Street.]

[Kojak (Season 1), 1973 and today. at 148 West 49th Street.]

[Naked City, 1947 and today, at 223 West 20th Street.]

[Serpico, 1973 and today, at 86 Seventh Avenue South.]

[Taxi Driver, 1975 and today, at 1886 Broadway.]

[The French Connection, 1971 and today, at 188 Grand Street.]

[The Rat Race, 1960 and today, at 220 West 42nd Street.]

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