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Photographer Sneaks Inside the Dilapidated Coignet Building

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The Coignet Building is crumbling before our very eyes as it waits for Whole Foods to fulfill its promise and restore the dilapidated Gowanus landmark. Now that Whole Foods has been fined $3,000 by the Landmarks Preservation Commission it looks like they may be finally getting the ball rolling. But before that happens, an urban explorer known only by the Instagram handle Gothamr sneaked inside the boarded up building and took some pictures capturing what is—hopefully—its darkest hour, and sent those pictures to Brownstoner. Unsurprisingly, the inside looks pretty bad, with Gothamr noting its "characterless" design and "cheap 1950s renovation." He added, "Some of the floors and parts of the staircase are collapsing from water damage so clearly something needs to be done. I would hate to see this follow in the footsteps of Admiral's Row."