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Treachery in Brooklyn Heights: 'Moonstruck' Tree Destroyed

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This weekend, we received word that a beloved Brooklyn Heights tree with multiple film roles under its tree belt, including a star turn in the 1987 Cher movie "Moonstruck," had been chopped down. "A resident of the street I spoke with was annoyed," our tipster informed us. "She said the tree was healthy, even after Sandy, and that it was at least 80 years old." The reason for the tree's demise was not known. But the following day the plot thickened, as someone wrote to the Brooklyn Heights Blog claiming to the be man, woman, or rival tree responsible:

On my way home one evening I had seen a fungus growing out of the tree and called 311 to report this to them. I am not sure when this was but it was many months ago. I later received some messages from the Parks Department and I do not recall much about them other than they did not say much. The tree saboteur went on to explain that he simply wanted the fungus to be looked at by "someone competent," never expecting the entire tree to be taken out. "When I looked at the tree after it had been felled the wood did look in good condition," he added. And let this be a lesson to anyone thinking about sticking his or her nose in tree business.

RIP, this tree.

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