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See The Wooden Cabin This Artist Built Inside A Bushwick Loft

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When artist Terry Chiao moved into a high-ceilinged loft space in a converted textile factory on Knickerbocker Avenue just off the L train, she planned on having roommates to help defray the cost of rent. But instead of erecting cooke-cutter plywood partitions, she opted to build two freestanding wooden structures—a cabin and a treehouse— in the middle of the large open living room. "Small cabins or huts are particularly interesting because they are simple experiments in building that you can inhabit," she told Co.Exist, which just profiled the space she shares with her partner Adam Frezza. It's also available for rent on Airbnb from $100/night. She and Adam live in one quaint home-within-a-home, while guests shack up in the other one. The exposed brick, hardwood floors, a shared rooftop, and the overall cozy-industrial vibe are added bonuses. Perhaps Curbed National put it best when they wrote, "A loft with a cabin and treehouse inside... because Brooklyn."

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