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Pair of Tasteful Townhouses Coming to Historic Fort Greene

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A Brownstoner reader spotted construction fence renderings for a pair of connected three-story townhouses that are going up in an empty Fort Greene lot. Since the lot at 167 Lafayette Street is located within the borders of the neighborhood's Historic District, the designs first had to get by the Landmarks Preservation Commission before they could be approved and, possibly as a result, the townhouses look like they'll fit in with their surroundings remarkably well. They're sort of reminiscent of the Strong Place Townhouses, but with a more uniform brick color. The houses, which will total 6,700 square feet, are being designed by Christa Horrigan of Horrigan O'Malley Architects, who also did 107 Prospect Park West, and developed by Chris Horrigan of Horrigan Development.
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