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When Will This West 55th Street Site Finally See Some Action?

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Dallas-based developer Lincoln Properties announced plans to begin a condo-hotel project on their newly acquired property at 12-18 West 55th Street in 2006 and then ... nothing happened. In 2009, JD Carlisle Development began buying up buildings around that property, including one that the hotel-condo project was supposed to be using the air rights from. Around the same time, some work was done on the 12-18 facade, and the Post speculated that JD Carlisle may have taken over the project. Then nothing continued to happen.

Yesterday, BuzzBuzzHome noticed that permits had been filed early last year for a 245-foot-tall, 22-story, mixed-use building with 55 apartments and Goldstein, Hill & West as the architects of record. The plan was disapproved in February of 2013, however, and since then it appears that nothing has happened. Will something happen in the near future? Will nothing continue to happen? Only time will tell, and it seems like this project has all the time in the world.
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