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What If We Tried Again To Extend The N Train To LaGuardia?

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With easier access to Newark on the horizon, Transit guru Ben Kabak turned his attention to the prospect of extending the N train to LaGuardia, which would make getting to and from that close-but-yet-so-far airport much, much easier. The N's existing terminus at Astoria-Ditmars Boulevard is just three miles from LGA. Sixteen years ago, a coalition of officials tried to push a plan through, but it was eventually stymied in 2003 by community opposition, mostly because the proposed track was aboveground and folks worried about noise and such. It's since lost momentum in the politically charged pipeline of important projects. "It's been over a decade since anyone has mentioned a direct rail connection, monorail or subway, to the terminal geographically closest to Manhattan," Kabak writes. So maybe it's high time to revisit the idea, and perhaps there's a powerful ally to be found in Vice President Joe Biden, who noted today that the airport feels like "it's in some third world country."
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