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Big Reveal: $875K for a Bed-Stuy 2BR With Glass Walls

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The co-winners (with an asterisk) of this week's Pricespotter are anonymous commenters numbers three and five, who guessed "in the 850-875k range" and "somewhere in the vicinity of $875[k]," respectively, although either one of them could have taken sole control of the top spot if they'd had enough gumption to commit to one specific number. The rest of the guesses strayed fairly far in both directions from the correct price of $875,000 for the apartment in Bed-Stuy's annoyingly named Lofts on Lex, with one anonymous commenter going as low as $575,000, citing the fact that the unit is "not a true 2 br and [has] few closets," and another way overshooting with an estimate of $1.15 million, offering no explanation but one exclamation point.

· Listing: 95 Lexington Avenue #4A [Elliman]
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