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Meet Hudson Spire, The U.S.'s 'Potential Future Tallest Tower'

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Brokerage Massey Knakal continues its quest to sell a block-long development site near Hudson Yards by touting the possibility that the "potential future tallest tower in the U.S." could rise there. For its newest round-up of marketing materials, first spotted by NY YIMBY, MK commissioned some new renderings from MJM + A Architects of what such a superscraper, at 435 Tenth Avenue between 34th and 35th streets, might look like. The purely theoretical superscraper—which even has a name, Hudson Spire—that a developer could erect could total 1.22 million square feet, with 108 floors and a height of over 1,800 feet. MK is also touting residences from the 80th to 108th floors, and an observation deck. Then again, this is all a bunch of what ifs, but is it fun to think about One World Trade Center's record-setting height getting trumped already? Sorta.

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Hudson Yards

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