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Rentals, Remaining Condos At One57 Start Hitting The Market

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Gary Barnett's superscraper One57 has made plenty of headlines for its mega-deals and speedy sales, but there's also been plenty of talk about the building's harder-to-sell units located on lower floors with partially blocked views. Only a handful of the units have actually been marketed with live listings, and those that were put on the open market have flown under the radar; a $6M one-bedroom has been on the market for 37 days. But now that closings have begun, more of the unsold units, and a few of the rentals (currently asking $13,000 and $29,000 per month), are appearing online. In the last two days, four large condos were listed:
· 3,228-square-foot 3BR/3.5BA for $18.85 million
· 3,446-square-foot 4BR/4.5BA for $20.9 million
· 4,193-square-foot 3BR/3.5BA for $27 million
· 5,475-square-foot 5BR/5.5BA for $32.75 million
While none of those listings have actual photos, a few others do, giving us our first good look at the Thomas Juul Hansen-designed interiors. The condo finishes aren't too bad (though we're not into the super dark floors), but the rental kitchens border on horrendous.

UPDATE: A spokesperson for Extell sent the following statement: "The building is open and closings are underway. Prospective buyers now have the opportunity to experience the homes and the spectacular views of Central Park. We felt that this was the appropriate time to publicly list select residences online."

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