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A Peek Into Katz's At An Early Bird Hour; Forkgate Forever

This week's top dish from Eater NY, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog...

1) Lower East Side: Quick, to 'Inoteca! The LES joint will shutter its doors for good on Saturday, but before then, they need help drinking some 1,300 odd bottles of wine. The official plea was released on Tuesday by the restaurant's wine director via Reddit. Bottles have become increasingly discounted throughout the week.

2) Lower East Side: What does New York's oldest deli, Katz's Delicatessen, look like at 6:00 pm on a Thursday evening? If you've never joined them at this early bird hour, you can now know via this photo essay, gratuitous in the same manor as their corned beef sandwiches.

3) Midtown: The Four Seasons restaurant is really making headlines this week—Rumors are swirling that the famous restaurant in the Seagram Building may get priced out of its location when their lease agreement ends in late 2016. At a current cost of $20 per square foot, the additional cost of $105 per square foot upon effect of the new lease could make or break this historic location.

4) Everywhere: Serious news man John Stewart taught his guest, Mayor de Blasio, how to eat pizza with his hands. In the Daily Show clip, BdB reaches for a fork and knife before Stewart bats the fine-dining utensils out of his hands. Stewart then quips, "Bloomberg as you know, used to have his food chewed and put back into his mouth like a baby bird, but this is unacceptable, sir." Long live Forkgate.
· EaterNY [ny.eater]