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Relive An Eerie, Deserted Coney Island From The Winter Of '95

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A film student in New York in the 1990s, Gregoire Alessandrini shot hundreds of photos that he has since digitized on his blog. Now a fashion exec living in Paris, Alessandrini continues to update his site with new images, which are often black-and-white, appropriately moody, and capture then-seedier neighborhoods from Meatpacking to Times Square. The chill of winter led him to remember a visit he paid to an empty Coney Island in 1995, which "felt like discovering a ghost town... Even if it was impossible to tell which rides were still in service, the freak shows, the old-time roller coasters and Nathan's hot dogs were still there as reminders of a glorious past." A far cry from the shiny new plans for an amphitheater there, is it not?

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