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Fresh Look At A Tiny 240-Square-Foot Brooklyn Heights Apt.

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When we last took a look inside this micro-dwelling featured by the Post in 2012, we (and Curbed commenters) weren't too taken by its charmless lighting and bland interior—qualities that were likely intensified by the wide-angle photos and night time photo shoot. But now we're taking a second look, and the place seems, well, a lot nicer. This 240-square-foot space is the home of Gardenista's Erin Boyle and her husband. Boyle showed their teeny-tiny, one-windowed, lofted Brooklyn Heights apartment off to Remodelista this week, through photographs that may or may not have been taken by pivoting on one foot (we kid.) Even so, these shots may be some of the most delicately artistic listing photos ever: after two-and-a-half years of negotiating the ups-and-downs of micro-dwelling life, Boyle tells Remodelista that it's "hard to imagine" moving from their beloved home as the couple will welcome their first child in June.

Boyle maximizes the appearance of the space by maintaining a neutral color palate with soft-colored accents.

Save a layer of paint on the ship's ladder stairs, the couple claims to have made no upgrades to the unit. And let it be noted, the way a space is lit will make or break it. For the full scoop, head on over to Remodelista. For more pictures from inside Erin Boyle's apartment, you can also scope her blog, Reading My Tea Leaves.
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