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Long-Suffering Mansion Chops Price Again to $29.95 Million

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The saga of 247 Central Park West—a six-story townhouse built in 1887 by William Noble and later converted in apartments and then back to a single-family townhouse—has gained yet another chapter as the house's price has been chopped to $29.95 million. This pricechop is the house's ... sixth? seventh? Whatever the number, the history of the property's various attempts to find a buyer has at this point grown too long and winding to be condensed into paragraph form, and we must instead resort to a more drastic measure: the timeline. We pick up after Walt Disney's niece has already sold the house to Coach COO Keith Monda in 2006 for $15.5 million.

April, 2010: After some (perhaps ill-advised) renovations, Monda re-lists the house for $32 million.

March, 2011: After almost a year of failing to find a buyer, Monda cuts the asking price to $29 million.

May, 2011: Two months later the price is cut again, to $25 million.

January, 2012: Finally, only a few months short of celebrating its two-year listing anniversary, the house sells to Ukrainian businessman and philanthropist Igor Iankovsky, who pays a steeply discounted $22.4 million. Iankovsky plans to move his family to New York.

February, 2012: In the mean time, Iankovsky decides to try and list the house as a rental for $110,000/month.

May, 2013: Iankovsky has changed his mind about moving to New York. He puts the house back on the market for—why not—$37 million.

September, 2013: Shockingly, no one seems to want to pay $37 million for the house. The price is chopped to $34 million. That oughta do it.

February, 2014 (today): The house, which was at some point taken briefly off the market, reappears for $29.95 million, with new brokers handling the listing. (It was obviously the brokers' fault that the place wasn't selling.) Something tells us this won't be the last we hear of 247 Central Park West.
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