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Where New Yorkers Go When They Move Away, And Vice Versa

Yesterday the Census Bureau released a slew of data about migration between U.S. counties. Atlantic Cities analyzed nationwide trends, but let's take a look at New York City's five counties, shall we? The orange areas are ones people abandoned with haste to move to our fair city, while the blue areas are where people fled toward when NYC proved too hard to stomach. Up first is Manhattan, and the map above shows that folks departed the isle for the sunnier climes of Florida, the Southwest, and, um, upstate. (It is cheaper there.) The Bureau's very nifty, very time-sucking interactive tool, unfortunately named the Census Flows Mapper, allows interested parties to zoom in to different parts of the U.S. as well as hover over a particular county to see the precise number of people who migrated in or out of it. One thing that taking a closer look at the Northeast (below) shows? New York County is attracting migrants from Boston and D.C. Take that, other East Coast metros.

· Census Flows Mapper [USCB]
· A Detailed Map of the Net Migration Flows for Every U.S. County [Atlantic Cities]