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Walker Tower Sees First Flip for Near $3 Million Profit

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Back in December, we expressed some reservations about a Walker Tower flip that went on the market seven days after seller Burt Freiman bought the place, especially when we learned that he was asking nearly $2.9 million more than the $5,027,609 that he paid for the apartment a week earlier. Naturally, the 2,179-square-foot 2BR/2.5BA unit "with soaring ceilings, top-of-the-line finishes and amenities, Empire State Building views, and a handy home office" just sold on Thursday for a very respectable/insane $7.775 million.

The apartment (which he had never even set foot in) was on the market for a mere three weeks before going into contract in early January, the buyers having expressed interest before broker Reba Miller of CORE even had a chance to stage it. Freiman—a retired businessman who has apparently decided to spend his golden years buying expensive apartments and reselling them to chumps—previously bought a 15 Central Park West sponsor unit for $4.9 million and flipped it for $7.6 million.

· "First Resale in Walker Tower Flipped for Near $3 Million Profit" [NYT]
· Listing: 212 West 18th Street, #11E [CORE via StreetEasy]
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