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West Village B&B-Turned-Single-Family Mansion Wants $30M

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This 6,500-square-foot townhouse at 278 West 11th Street used to be a bed and breakfast—according to the former owner, he had so many friends and family members that wanted to stay in his cool Village house that he decided to turn it into a business. He ended up selling the house in 2011, though, for $8.2 million to an LLC, who then thoroughly renovated the 1853 house into a single-family mansion with a 1,200-bottle wine cellar in the basement and things like "custom-crafted mahogany doors." They just put it back on the market, asking an eye-popping $30 million. Be sure to click through to the listing for a lot of very impressive sounding brokerbabble.

· Listing: 278 West 11th Street [Brown Harris Stevens]