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Orchard Street Hell Building Tops Out, Ten Years In

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180 Orchard Street, better known as the Orchard Street Hell Building, has topped out after only a decade of halting construction, demolition, stop work orders, chunks of wood falling onto parked cars, and other such development nightmares. Somehow, it seems like it was longer.

Despite its past problems, the Orchard Street Hell Building has finally reached its full height of 23 stories and it has never looked better, looming as it is behind Katz's Delicatessen like some kind of monstrous half-tower. The building, of course, is not yet complete (if you couldn't tell), and this is far from the end of the road for one of Manhattan's most unfortunate projects. Still, it is a major milestone, so congratulations to the Orchard Street Hell Building for doing something that isn't objectively terrible (debatably).
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180 Orchard Street

180 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002