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Remnants of Hotel St. George's Incredible Indoor Pool Remain

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[All images via Scouting NY]

Excited for Hotels Week 2014? We certainly are after reading Nick Carr's latest piece, which seeks to uncover the hidden remains of the 168,000-gallon saltwater pool in Brooklyn Height's Hotel St. George, once the largest hotel in the United States. Currently, what used to be one big hotel is a number of separate residential developments, and the area that used to hold the massive pool is occupied by a gym. But if you know where to look (i.e. if you are a professional New York City location scout) you may notice the original mezzanine balcony, green-tiled columns, and more.

In the Pilates room, for example, are a couple of mosaics of a beachfront setting and a farm—the very same mosaics that hotel guests probably stared at as they performed whatever the equivalent of Pilates was in the 1930s (vigorous pipe smoking, probably). For still more hidden details, read the whole post on Scouting NY.
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