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Check Out This Early Design of a Bigger 55 Broad Street

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A newly revealed early-stage rendering depicts what may be coming to 55 Broad Street. Despite prior reports that the existing 35-floor structure might be gaining floors rather than being razed before development, New York YIMBY's Nikolai Fedak is reporting that it appears 55 Broad Street will indeed be coming down. As of now, 55 Broad Street has development rights of 388,000-square-feet, and the massing plan makes use of that size by revealing a 53-story tower that's nearly 750 feet high. The developer is Rudin Management and the architect of record is FXFOWLE.

In mid-January, 55 Broad's abutting neighbor at 45 Broad Street was put on the market following stalled plans for a 62-story hotel backed by Robert De Niro. If Rudin takes the bait to combine the two properties, a potential tower on the site would possess air rights of 650,000 square feet, which would allow the tower to rise significantly higher, YIMBY points out. Any development is far off; while the combination of the two tower sites is simply speculation, the actuality of having to dismantle 55 Broad Street's current 35-story tower prior to any development sets the completion date of whatever may be coming to this downtown slice far into the future.

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