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Affordable Apartment Insurance from Gotham Brokerage

Spring is around the corner, but this winter's damage is here to stay. Protect yourself—and your home—from all of life's unknowns. Water damage, fire, theft—the gloomy possibilities are endless. Be smart and start protecting your assets today with Gotham Brokerage.

Unlike large national companies, Gotham Brokerage is in our backyard and knows the realities that New Yorkers face. Gotham Brokerage offers exceedingly low premiums, which makes insuring a home a no-brainer. Renters insurance starts at just $125 a year, and a basic policy for a condo or co-op and contents runs about $230-$280 annually. Affordable protection is available for as low as $10.50 a month.

So whether you rent a studio in Brooklyn, or own a Triplex in Tribeca, Gotham Brokerage will tailor limits and deductibles to fit your needs. Take the next step—get a quick and free quote by emailing To learn more, head this way. >>