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Incredible Gilded Lenox Hill Mansion Listed for $42 Million

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This 10,700-square-foot mansion at 22 East 64th Street just hit the market for $42 million, or just under $4,000 per square foot. To be fair, it's pretty amazing—built in 1903 by architect John H. Duncan for stockbroker Henry P. Goldschmidt, it looks like the kind of place that could have been occupied by an Astor or a Carnegie with, per the listing, "exquisite gilded detailing, parquet de Versailles wood floors, [and] oak paneling" as well as its original marble staircase, a stained glass skylight, and 10 marble wood-burning fireplaces distributed throughout the 22 rooms. The house's current owner is Hemant H. Shah, the cofounder and CEO of Risk Management Solutions, a catastrophe risk modeling company. [EDIT: Reps for RMS reached out to inform us that it is, in fact, a different Hemant Shah.] Though Shah paid $17.625 million for the house back in 2004, it looks like the risk paid off as he now stands to more than double his investment.

· Listing: 22 East 64th Street [Corcoran]