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Children's Magical Garden Sues Developer For Ownership

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Claiming that they are the rightful owners of the lot at 157 Norfolk Street under the law of adverse possession, members of the Children's Magical Garden are suing the actual owner and the former owner in New York Supreme Court.

Last May, owner Serge Hoyda sparked outrage when he had a fence erected through the middle of the lot, which has been used as a community garden since 1983. Despite the best efforts of area activists, including Cynthia Nixon, Hoyda went on to sell the lot to a developer (probably Horizon Group) who filed plans for a six-story condo building. So, the activists are taking their fight to court, claiming that Hoyda abandoned the lot for a few decades and that they are the rightful owners, having occupied it for a period of more than ten years, probably depending on what you mean by "occupied." (Bowery Boogie has the whole lawsuit for you to peruse.) The activists are suing the new owners for ownership, and Hoyda for unspecified damages.
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