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Gowanus Whole Foods Begins Restoring Coignet Building

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After months of waiting that led to a $3,000 fine from the Landmarks Preservation Commission the brand new Gowanus Whole Foods has finally begun its restoration of the neighboring, very old Coignet Building. Whole Foods had agreed to fix up the Coignet as part of its deal with the city to be allowed to build its canal-side supermarket. However, the situation may have been more drastic than the company had anticipated. The landmarked building—already in pretty bad shape—was probably damaged during the construction of the store and as of Whole Foods' December opening date pieces of the facade were actually falling off. Now, Gowanus Your Face Off is reporting, there is scaffolding in the tiny-space between the Coignet and the Whole Foods, as well as a "Work In Progress" sign that says the project will be completed in "Late 2014." Definitely better late than never. The building is also still for sale, last asking $3 million.
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