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How Do Brokers Use Babble To Describe Homes In Your 'Hood?

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Dissecting the hilarious, often opaque, sometimes misleading, and always overblown language of New York City's real estate brokers has long been a favorite pastime of ours. Breaking the babble down into word clouds? Even better. Our friends at Suitey, a new software-powered real estate brokerage, mobilized its software developers to scan MLS rental and sale listings in neighborhoods across New York City in order to come up with a barrage of word clouds. They reveal which words and phrases brokers are using to pitch their properties, and it's weirdly enlightening. The Financial District's visualization is chock-full of amenities, while brokerbabble in Long Island City highlights "Manhattan" and "windows," given that a main attraction is the view. Read on, and analyze for yourself.

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