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Carroll Gardens Brownstone Conversion Not the Most Elegant

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Pardon Me For Asking brings us the unfortunate story of this two-story, three-family house at 325 Degraw Street, which was purchased in 2011 by some developers who planned to convert it into a single-family home. The sad part is the facade, which they just finished redoing. As you can see above, it didn't look that great before but now it looks ... markedly less great. PMFA refers to it as a "sad looking gray box." The house went back on the market pre-conversion last January, asking $2.125 million, cash only. (The developers had paid $1.375 million.) It was delisted after a month, but the listing did come with a few renderings of the interiors and some details of the planned conversion and expansion. The architect of record is James Anzalone, who, it should be noted, has done much better work.

· The Sad Transformation Of A Two Story Multi-Dwelling Brownstone To A One Family Gray Brick Building On DeGraw Street [PMFA]