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Renovated Waverly Place Townhouse Asks A Whopping $34M

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A modern six-story townhouse at 116 Waverly Place in the Village has just hit the market for a cool $34 million. The price seems pretty mind-boggling at first, but even if it sold for the asking price, it wouldn't be the most expensive townhouse sale in the neighborhood; in 2007, the mega-home at 11-13 West 10th Street sold for $34.53 million. So what warrants the huge price tag? According to the brokerbabble, the place underwent a gut renovation by architect Dirk Denison, who turned the former apartment building into a single-family house with "scale, significance and exacting detail and execution like no other building utilizing highest quality finishes and material." The 11,000-square-foot mansion has seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, four powder rooms, "an enormous skylight," a rooftop swimming pool and hot tub, outdoor spaces on "almost every floor, and "a sweeping sculptural staircase." There's also an elevator that accesses every floor and at least one fireplace.

StreetEasy shows the owner as a Theresa M. Sabbatino, but according to city records, the estate of a Clare Sabbatino sold the house in 2010. Records show that the buyer, who paid $6.85 million, was an anonymous LLC. UPDATE: Broker Peter McCuen tells us that the owner/developer is Spruce Capital.
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