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Diamond Dealer's 1055 Park Condo Wants $16.25 Million

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This corner duplex in 1055 Park was listed from 2009 to 2010 for various amounts, with a high point of $11.95 million. It eventually sold to diamond dealer Morris Gad for a discounted $5.93 million. The sale closed in 2011 and Gad and his wife brought in interior designer Jennifer Post to unleash her minimalist vision onto the 3,226-square-foot apartment. They were apparently so impressed with her work that they have now put the unit back on the market for $16.25 million. Although the idea that Post's work could get someone to shell out over $5,000 per square foot for this apartment seems a little far fetched, it did earn the unit a feature in Architectural Digest in which Gad, the owner, describes it as "like a great mix of white diamonds with fancy colored stones."

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1055 Park Avenue

1055 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10128