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All 170 Million of New York City's Taxi Rides in 2011, Mapped!

MIT's SENSEable City Lab, who has a long-standing relationship with Audi, has developed a new interactive project called HubCab that uses GPS data to map the 170 million trips the city's 13,500 medallion taxis made in 2011. The visualization serves a purpose beyond being something really cool to look at—the interactive map also provides the data behind a strategy to make taxis more efficient, Gizmodo points out. The map's interactive feature allows viewers to see how many cabs were on the road at different times of day, and any rides average distance and duration, says NY Mag. With yellow marking pick-up points and blue marking drop-off points, viewers can see the redundant pattern of ridership throughout the city. HubCab discovered that taxi rides throughout the city could be reduced by 40 percent if patrons were willing to share cabs, and encourage that by illustrating the money, distance, and carbon dioxide emissions people could save by sharing. But then, too, we New Yorkers probably don't have enough patience to coordinate that.

[Image via HubCab]

The grand, idealized gesture here would be to encourage having less cars on the road, which means less congestion and pollution, and a happier New York.
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