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15 Central Park West's Factoids, Stories & Scandals, Explained!

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Our 11-question quiz, posted Tuesday, plumbed the depths of Curbed readers' knowledge about the Limestone Jesus, The Building Also Known As 15 Central Park West. Commenters certainly had some things to say on the topic. Based on some of the tales in Michael Gross's new tell-all tome about the building, "House of Outrageous Fortune, the answers lie below. How many did you get right?

1) Which investment legend bad-mouthed 15CPW after the developers refused to give him a discount? He wanted half off the price of a $45 million penthouse. Then an upstart swooped in and paid full ask. For a bonus point, name the upstart, too. Carl Icahn. The upstart was Daniel Loeb.

2) Which movie star got a discount for letting the developers reveal he'd bought a 14th-floor apartment in the front "house" section of the building for just over $13 million? Denzel Washington.

3) How many convicted felons live at 15 Central Park West? One. Adam Weitsman was convicted of check-kiting and did time in federal prison.

4) Which reality TV personality found out her actor husband was cheating on her when a building staff member told her his wife was already upstairs… when it was really the other woman? Spoiler alert: She promptly divorced him. Camille Grammer.

5) 15 CPW's private lobby restaurant hosts special meals all year round, including "women's lunches" every two weeks with speakers on such subjects as yoga, art collecting, and surgery-free "facial rejuvenation." How much is the Mother's Day lunch there? $55 a head for adults, $25 for kids, and Mom gets a special drink gratis.

6) How many Goldman Sachs executives and alumni live at 15? Nine, including Lloyd Blankfein, who runs the legendary, vampire squid-likened investment bank.

7) Who are Sting's duplex-owning next-door neighbors on the 16th and 17th floors of 15CPW's house building? Speak of the devil, there's Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs in apartment 16A, and Omid Kordestani of Google in apartment 16C.

8) Which real estate mogul was barred from bidding for the 15CPW site while an old building, the Mayflower Hotel, still stood there? It so happens that the banned prospective bidder told the sellers, representatives of the Goulandris family, that their price—which had to be in excess of $300 million —was crazy. Donald Trump.

9) What price did the sellers end up getting from the Zeckendorfs $401,050,000.

10) How much money did the Zeckedorfs pay the last holdout tenant to vacate his apartment in the building that previously occupied the site and was razed to make way for 15? $17 million, plus a free condo for life at the Essex House.

11) What building did Russian oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev spurn to buy an $88 million penthouse, said to be for his daughter, at 15CPW? (UPDATE: A rep for Rybolovlev has reached out to say that in fact his daughter, Ekaterina, purchased the apartment through a trust.) That purchase, by the way, still holds the record for most expensive single-family residential property in New York City. Jean Nouvel's 100 Eleventh Avenue. The entity that owns Rybolovlev's 15 penthouse is, wittily, called Property NY 100–11 LLC.
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