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Mystery Buyer Drops $15.8M on Lavish Lenox Hill Townhouse

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This five-story elevator townhouse at 176 East 64th Street was just purchased for $15.775 million by somebody rich. Unfortunately, that rich somebody shielded him or herself behind an LLC, but since this place isn't exactly a gut job it seems like a safe bet that whoever bought it intends to live there, and not renovate and flip it.

The house was built in 1899 and, according to the listing, "transformed in 1910 by the Tiffany & Company architect, John W. Cross." Its more impressive features include the elevator, three wood-burning fireplaces, an intricate coffered ceiling in the great room, a 600-square-foot landscaped arbor and garden, a parlor-level Juliet balcony, and many more jealousy-inducing details too numerous to list. The sellers, however, will not be walking away with much of a profit. After buying the house from apparel mogul Jason Rabin, who was responsible for the renovation, in 2006 for $14.85 million, they re-listed it in 2012 for $19.5 million. It took two pricechops before the place finally sold for a 19 percent discount.

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