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Peek Inside Sarah Jessica Parker's Delightfully Quirky Townhome

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The real estate adventures of celebrity super-couple Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are well-followed, yet the truth of what properties they own, and further, their interiors, are shrouded in marvelous and rapt mystery. Well, Vogue—those proprietors of style—have not only been invited inside of SJP's townhouse but also filmed their experience. While perhaps the primary focus of the video is SJP's answers to the 73 questions asked her in rapid succession, our eyes are glued to the home's whimsical, colorful, and delightfully quirky interiors. Furthermore, Domaine has put together a cheat-sheet on how to achieve that style. Included is SJP's $4,000 ping pong table. Between her and Broderick, we bet she's the one with the mean moves.
· 73 Questions With Sarah Jessica Parker [Vogue via YouTube]
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