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This Storm-Proof House Could Be The Future of Breezy Point

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The Urban Green Council has announced the results of its R3build contest, which asked designers to come up with ideas for single-family homes that could be built for $150,000 or less and would fit into the Hurricane Sandy-ravaged Breezy Point neighborhood in the Rockaways. Taking home the top prize is a duo from Australia, Rayne Fouche and Larissa Searle, whose design for their "Bayside Bunker," two pods connected by an internal garden, included prefab construction, a solar energy system, greywater recycling, and debris-proof windows. Fouche explained that living on the east coast of Australia, which has had its own weather-related troubles including floods and coastal erosion, uniquely prepared them for the contest. "We could, in many ways, relate to the geographic character of Breezy Point and the extreme weather conditions," he said. Second and third places and the People's Choice Award all went to New York-based designers, and their submissions are also worth checking out.

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