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New QueensWay Rendering Show A Super Lush Forested Path

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Advocates for turning a 3.5-mile stretch of abandoned LIRR tracks into a park clearly think the way to reality is through pretty renderings. An architecture competition drew up a handful of possible futures for the QueensWay, and now the Friends of the QueensWay and Trust for Public Land released two more renderings in advance of public meetings next week. The designs from the competition focused on an elevated, more urban section of the tracks, but these renderings, posted by Brownstoner Queens, look downright forest-y. It seems like this verdant future might be imagined for sections of the track that run through Forest Park and Woodhaven. When photographer Nathan Kensinger walked along the line, it was the most woodsy through those areas.

Not only will the QueensWay create a lush forest along the pathway, but, as evidenced above, it will lead visitors into a weird, glowing portal of light.
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