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St. Luke Expansion Plans to be Revised for LPC

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The Church of St. Luke in the Fields is hoping to expand its Greenwich Village presence by building a 15-story residential tower on the block between Hudson, Barrow, Christopher, and Greenwich Streets, but now that the Landmarks Preservation Commission has had its say, it looks like the church is going to have to put its plans on hold.

At a public meeting on March 11, the LPC rejected St. Luke's proposal, citing the height of the new building and the fact that its design would not fit with the character of the neighborhood. As the Historic Districts Council reports, specifically noted was the building's "unnecessarily 'fussy' use of many different materials to draw attention to itself and its 'bland' brick articulation." A two-story rooftop addition to the neighboring St. Luke's School was also rejected on similar grounds.

The 153-foot, 46-unit apartment building was designed by Barry Rice Architects Beyer Blinder Belle. Its brick-and-glass construction has rankled many in the neighborhood, including the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation. Last month, we even called the St. Luke one of the ten most heated preservation battles in New York.

The LPC has asked that St. Luke revise the proposals and bring them back for further consideration.

UPDATE: This post previously stated that Beyer Blinder Belle designed the building, but they were originally retained by St. Luke's to design a master plan during the development stage.
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