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606 West 57th St. Adds Affordable Housing, Gets Approved

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MIDTOWN WEST—The City Planning Commission unanimously voted today to approve the rezoning that will allow for TF Cornerstone's massive 606 West 57th Street. The building will have 1,189 units, 237 of which will be permanently affordable. As with the Domino project deal earlier this month, the city's approval was tied to the developer maximizing the amount of affordable housing. The enormous project, which will also include 42,000 square feet of commercial or community facility space, now heads to City Council. [Crain's; previously]

EVERYWHERE—Around 275 Faberge eggs will be hidden around the city from April 1 to 17 for an interactive Easter Egg Hunt. Clues about the eggs' locations will be given out via a smartphone app, but you don't get to keep them if you find them. The eggs, which are being designed by such famous people as Tommy Hilfiger, Julian Schnabel, and Jeff Koons, will be auctioned off for charity at the end of the hunt. The person who finds the most eggs each week gets a necklace. [NYDN]

The Mark Hotel

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