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Former Bear Stearns Exec's Glassy Penthouse Wants $9.2M

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This glass-walled, full-floor penthouse atop East 72nd Street's Belaire Condominium is owned by one Richard Harriton, who bought the 3,650-square-foot apartment in 1994, according to public records. In all likelihood that's the same Richard Harriton who used to run the securities clearing subsidiary of Bear Stearns, was sued by the Securities and Exchange Commission for civil fraud and, in 2000, was ordered to pay a $1 million fine and barred for life from the securities industry. A New York Times profile of Harriton from 1999 mentions that "he lives on Manhattan's Upper East Side in a penthouse with sumptuous river views." Also, this just looks like exactly the apartment that somebody who was sued by the S.E.C. would live in, with its huge windows, many statues, showy inlaid floors, and grand piano that has probably never been played. It's currently asking $9.2 million, although it has been on and off the market since 2010 with prices ranging from $9.995 million to $8.795 million.

· Listing: 524 East 72nd Street #PH3 [Elliman]