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Inside Hidden Crannies Of The Astral, Greenpoint's 'Dakota'

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[All images via Scouting NY.]

Our favorite film scout Nick Carr ventured to Greenpoint to explore the vaunted Astral Apartments, and he found a bunch of cool secrets. The full-block complex on Franklin Avenue was built in 1885-6 by Charles Pratt (he of the university) to house his oil refinery workers. it was among the first of its kind when it came to "progressive housing" and in-house amenities like a school. The best part? Its slogan to lure tenants was "Will not explode!" (It made sense, given that the building was named after Pratt's Astral Oil.) Among other cool details, it contains a host of different windows, a fireplace that remains from an erstwhile library in what is now old boiler room, some carvings on the roof that are impossible to see from the ground, and archways galore. Carr likens it to the Dakota for its iconic status, not because its apartments are luxurious—far from it, in fact. Have a look at his photos, and check out his post for much more.

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