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See The Park Coming to DoBro, Complete With Robot Parking

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Willoughby Square Park, the one-acre green space atop an automated parking garage coming to Downtown Brooklyn, has new, very promising renderings. It's been a decade since its proposal as part of the 2004 Downtown Brooklyn Redevelopment Plan, which sought to improve Brooklyn's public spaces and foster neighborhood community and culture. And improve and foster it shall—renderings posted on Build a Better Burb depict the Hargreaves Associates-designed park with walks, benches, a play area for kids, and green space for lounging.

Arguably better than many of the normal green spaces of its size across the city, Willoughby Square Park will be situated atop a below-grade 700-car, five-floor parking garage maintained by robots. That's right, robots. Operated by Automated Parking, the garage will use light sensors, lasers, and computers to park cars. It's not only a neat actuality with other locations across the city, but also has eco friendly benefits: drivers initiate parking by leaving their car in a designated spot, rather than idling, which eliminates exhaust and helps reduce hydrogen, carbon and nitrous oxide emissions from the estimated 250,000 cars per year it will serve. When all is said and done, the automated garage will take the title for largest on the continent.

Willoughby Square Park will assume a lot that is currently occupied by a tenement structure, and the necessary razing of the structure will commence following the eviction of the building's last tenants. The park will be funded by $6 million from city capital, the Economic Development Corporation, and private contributions. Additionally revenue from the garage will help to pay the park's maintenance costs.
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