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Ikea Debuts Furnishings For Tiny Spaces; Walmart Watch

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And now, the latest from Racked NY, shopping and retail from the sidewalks up...

1) Red Hook: Ikea unleashed its a collection last week with over 50 pieces of furniture and home accessories from 21 artists around the world (three of which are from Brooklyn). Space-savers include a wall-leaning bookshelf that's used as a kitchen rack, a small portable greenhouse, and an out-in-the-open cage closet that's not an eyesore.

2) Midtown West: Signage is up for a huge new Michael Kors store at Columbus Circle, where it's replacing retail space once held by Tourneau and J.W. Cooper. The man is slowly taking over Manhattan.

3) Williamsburg : American Apparel needs an artist to paint a 41-by-16-foot mural on the wall of its Billyburg shop. Submit a design, and if it's chosen, you get $500 and a $500 gift card. Big money.

4) Queens: Walmart may not be coming to the city after all. The store reports that the building it leased on the border of Queens and Long Island is actually getting subleased out.

5) Citywide: Pay attention to this very important map of all the places in the NYC you can pet dogs, pigs, turtles, and bunnies while shopping.
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