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Big, Boring Grey Development Coming to North 9th Street

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Yet another condo development is coming to Williamsburg, but at least the history of this one's a bit more interesting than is par for the course. The rising six-story development at 239 North 9th Street was once owned by slain landlord Menachem Stark, at which time a lis pendens, or a written notice of legal dispute concerning ownership of a property, was filed in 2011. Property Shark records a lien for $87,081 from the applicant of record, Karl Fischer Architects. In 2012, Fortis Property Group purchased the site outright for $4,864,680, Brownstoner reports. Got all that? Good. On to the building.

The renderings above, found on the Fortis website via Brownstoner, show a rather large and gray six-story development. While the filings on the DOB website claim the building will house just 70 apartments, Fortis Group is stating the apartment building will bring 77,600-square-feet and 120 new units to the bustling neighborhood. To date, three stories have risen from the lot, and Fortis Property Group expects construction to be completed in June 2014.

· Rendering, Construction Progress at Former Stark-Fischer Project in North Williamsburg ['Stoner]