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East Side Renewal: Apartment Renovations of Spring

Two rental apartment buildings on Manhattan's east side have renovations underway, bringing luxury to residents throughout the spring.

Plaza East, a popular luxury building in Murray Hill, is a serene oasis for residents who love being close to the unique vibe of the East Village, and also appreciate the proximity to Midtown. Two stand-out apartments are freshly renovated to maximize closet space, window light and modernized finishes, now renting at $3,350.

The Fairfax, the former Upper East Side headquarters of the FBI, has been fully transformed into a luxury apartment building. Each new renovation brings modern luxury to Manhattan residents, while keeping the floor plans unique and individual. The newest studio apartment renovation—now renting at $2,950—offers tons of storage, large living space and new modern finishes.

Preview any apartment at these two buildings, simply by calling ahead to set your appointment, even on the same day.