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Mysterious Nolita Corner Gets The Gene Kaufman Treatment

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The Shake Shack French juice bar Post-speculated hotel building of unknown occupiers coming, for a long time now, to the corner of Prince and Mulberry streets finally has a rendering, and it's almost as perplexing as the site's history. From the NIMBY-shunned, yet highly anticipated Shake Shack to the quickly pitched French juice bar, this former locals parking lot and umbrella graveyard—once controlled by notorious property hoarder Bill Gottlieb—has run the gamut of speculation as to what it will become. It appears that the corner lot will indeed host an "eating and drinking establishment," thanks to the ol' DOB website. This boxy glass and concrete or limestone establishment-to-be, designed by the man the myth the legend Gene Kaufman, will be two-and-a-half stories high with mezzanine seating. Maybe it will be a Romanesque Starbucks. Have any intel on what's coming to this contentious site? Hit up the tipline.
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