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Jay-Z's Boerum Hill Stash Spot Sells; Bushwick Gentrifiers

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BOERUM HILL—The broker for apartment no. 10C (pictured, above) in 560 State Street, also known as Jay-Z's former stash spot (he mentioned it in "Empire State of Mind," and later told a resident that 10C was his actual unit, although other sources have disputed that) reached out to let us know that the apartment has found a buyer. Although he couldn't reveal the exact price, he did say that the closing price exceeded the $870,000 ask. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

BUSHWICK—Gothamist sent a reporter with a video camera deep into the heart of Bushwick (okay, to the Halsey L stop) to ask passersby how long they have lived in the area, and whether or not they are gentrifiers. The answers range from cringe-worthy ("I don't, like, think I'm personally raising the rent, so..." says one young man who has been a Bushwick resident for "like a month") to resigned ("What can you do? It's New York.") Overall, the video is pretty fun. [Gothamist; previously]